Cisco Has Decide To Invest Over $150 M Towards Startups Based On IoT.


Cisco Has Decide To Invest Over $150 M Towards Startups Based On IoT.

Cisco’s corporate Venture-capital arm has been rumored to be deploying a total of $150 million to startup companies during the next two to three upcoming years, accelerating its investments into a variety of ares such as Internet-enabled communication between items.

Internet of things.

This is a recently trending theme that has been known to be called the Internet of Things, which will complement on other Cisco investing themes such as big data and connecting mobile devices, according to Cisco’s senior vice president for corporate development, Hilton Romanski.

This amount, combined with the $100 million that Cisco stated during January it would be deploying towards startup based in those area, places Cisco Investments on par with mid-sized venture capital firms

Known for its networking equipment, San Jose-based Cisoc has also announced that two new investments into the Internet of Things. It took part in a $7 million investment in Everything, a London-based company that connects products to the Internet.
It has also joined a $14.5 million funding round for Ayla Networks, a Sunnyvale-based company that helps companies monitor devices by using the internet.

The networking giant has stated that it would be increasing its investment in Alchemist Accelerator, a San Jose-based incubator for startup companies, with its main objective of supporting companies working on the Internet of Things.

Critics of corporate ventures investing have commented that the company’s involvement can sometimes taint a startup, for instance, by putting off competing companies from utilizing the startup’s products. But fans have stated that the imprimatur from big established company helps startup develop credibility.

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