ClassWallet, Education Technology Platform Powered by Kleo.


ClassWallet, Education Technology Platform Powered by Kleo.

EarlyShares, the trusted platform that gives accredited investors direct access to private opportunities, today announced the relaunch of a convertible debt investment offering for Kleo, Inc. The offering has been relaunched under the name of Kleo’s new education technology product: ClassWallet.


ClassWallet, recently profiled, is a tool designed to make it easier for teachers to raise, manage, track and spend money for the classroom. Teachers are provided an e-wallet to collect funds for on-going classroom needs, special projects and to purchase supplies within’s ecommerce marketplace. ClassWallet’s goal is to bring efficiency, transparency and savings to a system that for years has relied on cash, checks and brown envelopes for managing community funding.

The company is led by CEO James Rosenberg, Founder of, one of the largest education philanthropies in the world. ClassWallet targets a potential $23 billion market, and 40+ vendors including Best Buy, Office Max, Scholastic School Specialty, and others are already ClassWallet partners.


ClassWallet is currently one of twelve early-stage companies participating in the Kaplan EdTech Accelerator, a prestigious and highly selective immersion program for education technology startups that is powered by TechStars. Additionally, ClassWallet was named 2012 Startup of the Year by the South Florida Business Journal. To learn more about ClassWallet or set up your free account,

“James Rosenberg is an award-winning executive who is uniquely qualified to lead ClassWallet to a premier market position,” said Joanna Schwartz, CEO of EarlyShares. “Already, ClassWallet has earned the recognition of prestigious organizations like Kaplan EdTech, and we are proud to help the company gain broad exposure to new investors by hosting this offering on the EarlyShares platform.”

“ClassWallet is committed to enabling supplemental dollars to go further for a greater impact on student learning,” said James Rosenberg, Founder and CEO. “ClassWallet has already achieved significant traction, attracted major media interest, and established several prominent customers and partners.”

“By re-launching our EarlyShares offering under the ClassWallet brand name, I hope to expose more investors to ClassWallet’s massive potential,” Rosenberg continued.

Under current SEC regulations, only accredited investors who are registered users of EarlyShares can invest in ClassWallet or other opportunities on EarlyShares. Interested investors can sign up and fill out an accreditation questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to invest.

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