Clever Secures $10.3M Funding Round From Sequoia Capital.


 Clever Secures $10.3M Funding Round From Sequoia Capital.

An upcoming startup by the name of Clever assists teachers in avoiding one of the most painfully annoying parts of there jobs: Manual data entry.

Clever’s product was constructed to make it easier for teachers to enroll and keep track of their students. By utilizing a single sign on, students will scrutinize online resource a myriad vendors, and teachers can simply log performances for students in multiple classrooms. The main factor is that teachers only need to put the students information a single time.

While it may sound really boring, the technology is resonates with that targeted market. Ever since 2012, the company has manages to sells its software to over more than 18,000 schools. This makes up an amount of one in seven school placed in te United States, according to data available the National Center for Education Statistics.

Moving Forwards.

To continues its current stride in expansion, the educational startup tech has managed to secure itself over $10.3 million during its first round of venture financing recently from Sequoia Capital. Sequoia’s own Bryan Schreier, who had also joined the company’s board of director, has described Cleaver as on one the “quickly-growing” ed-tech startups he has ever managed to stumble upon.

The founder and chief executive of Clever, Tyler Bosmeny, has portrayed the rapid purchase in a more modest term. During an interview, he had referred the company as “one of the unsexiest ever”. Its one of the main reasons why Clever had managed to successfully take off in the first place.

“We are solving a real challenge for teachers,” said Bosmeny.“We started this company because we wanted to alleviate a real burden that was falling on teachers and principals to keep all these IT systems up to date by hand.”

Creating Bridges.

Once they had successfully graduated from Y Combinator, the California-based startup accelerator program, Clever had began to sell it software to schools, and creating partnerships with developers interested on online learning. As of recently, the product has managed to integrate with more 100 education developers, including Imagine Learning, Amplify, and Google.

The product had began its initial testing phase in Denver, as cofounder Dan Carroll had worked at a school within the area during his time at Teach for America. During his time working with teachers, Carroll realized that schools had lacked a standardized software for updating and managing student data through K-12. The company had initially developed a universal API too connect schools with education developers, but it rebranding as a “digital learning platform.”

With its new funding, Clever goals are to hire even more additional developers and salespeople to its team. The San Francisco-based company currently only has 18 employees.

.Clever has raised it series A funding from Sequoia Capital, along with participation from Y Combinator founder Paul Graham, YC president Sam Altman, and Deborah Quazzo from GSV Advisers.

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