Click2Global Launches an Innovative E-commerce Platform.


Click2Global Launches an Innovative E-commerce Platform. has recently launched its new service as an innovative e-commerce platform that is targeted towards small and mid sized business striving to survive the only competition. Click2Global is designed as a multipurpose platform that offers numerous service including a storefront to sell, a safe payment system, online/offline marketing, and telemarketing.

Th company official statement goes on to explain the major factors that shall distinguish Click2Global from other e-commerce platform by saying, “We conduct comprehensive market research to understand needs and demands of customers and areas where currently available solutions fail to fulfill them. Our objective was to come up with a well-rounded solution that is not only flexible but also very affordable. We are launching Click2Global only after we have ensured that it perfectly fits our objective.”


While Click2Global has been launched with a variety of features and functionality, its based on a highly flexible structure. The solution has designed to allow inclusion of more features in the future. The expansion, according to, will depend on changing demands, trends, and requirements of the clients and online business and marketing world.

Click2Global highlights the simplicity and ease of usage as another major distinguishing feature of the platform. The solution targets business and individuals who aren’t as tech savvy as most.

 “The learning curve is very smooth. It is literally nothing more than signing up and start selling through the storefront,” Click2Global added.


Click2Global has also brought a strong marketing aspect along with it. Other than offering a platform to sell the product, the company shall also provide both online and offline marketing services towards its clients including a complete telemarketing solution. The company works with qualified marketing professionals who strive to generate maximum traffic and high quality leads for the sellers.

Click2Global sellers are only required to pay a small commission per sale. The company has also excluded all types of listing fees, marketing fees, hosting fees, and storefront fees. With this cost-effective structure, the company aims to focus on a small and midsized business.

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