Clickstop Gains Funding for Training Initiatives to Support Job Growth.


Clickstop Gains Funding for Training Initiatives to Support Job Growth.

The intensity behind the rapid growth at Urbana-based Clickstop has resulted in the support from a new jobs training program recently.

Training Program.

The 260E Iowa New Jobs Training Program through the Kirkwood Community College provides financial assistance for the education and development for basic skills jobs for the more highly specialized and advanced career positions. It’s  been designed to assist new or expanding business that are cultivating jobs within Iowa.

with the use of this program, Clickstop can be reimbursed for some of the expenses incurred from hiring and training a new employee. Half of the reimbursement is to compensate for lost productivity during training, while the remaining is for development or training programs.

The combined efforts between Kickwood community college, the government, and local businesses in the program, promotes economic and workforce development within Iowa so local companies may remain competitive.


Tim Guenther, Clickstop’s owner and CEO said the company hired over thirty employees last year and plans to continue hiring throughout the next year with support from the program.

“We attract a lot of great talent because of our commitment to having a great work environment,” said Guenther. “It will be beneficial to be reimbursed for some of our hiring, training and development costs. These areas are crucial to being a top workplace in the Corridor.”

Clickstop previously took advantage of the New Jobs Training Program in 2011.

Guenther says nearly half of the jobs created in the past 18 months have come as a result of the company’s new manufacturing unit for its flagship US Cargo Control division. Guenther plans to continue expansion of this team to create new jobs throughout 2014.

“This kind of support in the Corridor creates lasting impact,” continued Guenther. “Assistance like this helps us fulfill our mission of creating a sustainable and opportunistic workplace. We’re excited to offer even more personal and professional development options for our team through this program.”

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