CloudBees Bags Itself $11.2 M In Funding From Verizon Ventures.


CloudBees Bags Itself $11.2 M In Funding From Verizon Ventures.

A renowned startup Java-centric platform by the name of Cloudbees has recently announced that it has managed to raise over $11.2 Million Series C funding in thanks to leading efforts of Verizon ventures. Lightspeed Ventures, and Matrix partners are also current investors who participated on this around, along with a  new investor named Blue Cloud Ventures.

Launch Of The Bees.

The company has managed to raise over $25.7 million since the beginning of its launch back in 2010. These numbers have shown that company dedication and commitment on improving. the company has planed to use its continued growing funds to expand upon its features as well as increase international sales, and to spread its CloudBees brand further.

 CloudBees has stuck a partnership with Verizon previously with the two companies announcing it during the early parts of the year. Part of the deal was for Verizon to make its services available for CloudBees on the recently launched platform by Verizon Cloud. Verizon was chosen as their lead investors due to their ambition in becoming one of the best investors and investing on only the best companies around. CloudBees has continued to offer its top of the line quality service.

In a similar fashion to that of enterprise-centric PaaS service, developers are given permission to build and test their application on the platform owned by CloudBees. With this recent funding it shall help the be useful for developers who are in pursuing the creation of their apps. One of them most notable features for CloudBees is their usage of Java.

Java’s and Improvements.

The company runs and supports almost all of JVM-based languages which include JRuby, Groovy, Scala, Grails and many others. Jenkins is currently used by the developers of CloudBees to keep a track of any code that been changed on Git and SVN repositories and to initiate the builds using links of Maven, Ant, and Gradle.

To make it simple, Cloudbase is quite focused in creating a quality services by taking any necessary precautions as raising funds for this cause. Sales effort would benefit them in expanding around their Java-based PaaS.

The company has been working hard to improve upon their services ever since its launching of 2010. Users and clients of CloudBees will receive an amazing experience working alongside PaaS. With these efforts in place, the company will soon reap the rewards of their growing revenues.


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