CloudTalk Radio Releases Podcast Discussing the Effects of Video Production.


CloudTalk Radio Releases Podcast Discussing the Effects of Video Production.

Robert Chandler and Keith Eneix of CloudTalk Radio recently released a podcast in which they interview Daniel A. Cardenas, Founder and Creative Director of Sierra Media, a video production company based out of Everett, WA.


The topic of discussion is why and how a company can develop and express their authentic voice in order to impact the people they’re trying to reach with their marketing message.

Listen to the CloudTalk Radio podcast with Daniel A. Cardenas of Sierra Media by visiting CloudTalk Radio.

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During the CloudTalk Radio, Cardenas places a unique emphasis on portraying a company’s authentic voice through creative video productions. Cardenas explains that, “Finding your authentic voice means digging in and figuring out who, what and why your business is doing what it is doing and communicating it concisely to your audience so they connect with it.”

“After this interview,” Keith Eneix, CEO of Fannit, comments, “I’m wondering how many businesses truly understand their authentic voice – a critical aspect of marketing their company.”

Cardenas stresses that a company has to understand the heart behind their business and why it was founded in the first place in order to begin to shape the tone of their authentic voice. This tone should come out through your web site, videos and even the experience people have when they connect with your business.

Once a company is able to hone in on what their voice sounds like (from a customer perspective), they have the ability to really distinguish themselves and sound and appear unique when compared to the next guy.

Mr. Eneix concludes by saying, “I’m so fortunate to be around brands like Sierra Media. We hope you find CloudTalk Radio’s interview with Daniel A. Cardenas helpful.”

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