Comcast Ambitions Acquirement of Startup FreeWheel For $320M.


Comcast Ambitions Acquirement of Startup FreeWheel For $320M.

Comcast Corp. has recently closed a deal on acquire a video ad platform by the name of FreeWheel for an amount of $320 million.

What Is FreeWheel?

FreeWheel is a platform that facilitates a cross-platforming insertion of advertising for on-demand programming and live streaming feeds, making it more simpler for companies and distributors to place more content for advertising revenue  from the content that is being offered towards the viewer overtime. FreeWheel is famous for its ability to offer efficient target advertising placement based off on a range of specific factors for users that advertisers seem to be really fond of.

The company is based in Silicon Valley and has worked with a group of blue chip clients since its was founded back in 2007. These have included such companies as, Fox and NBCUniversal, Turner Broadcasting, AT&T and Amazon.

Comcast Benefits.

Comcast has just manage to get a huge benefit with the ownership over Freewheel as it will allow them to expand their digital content offerings after it takes over Time Warner cable, which has been set through the $45.2 Billion merger agreement done last month.

The completion of this deal will lead Comcast having the scale and size with its combined broadband and video subscriber to lead the development of new ways for advertising deals to be done, As long as the technology in place can handle a smoother run for its buyers and sellers.

FreeWheels Fate.

Various inside source have mentioned that the plan for FreeWheel to remain its own independent unit within Comcast and maintain a continuous business relations with other outside digital and TV clients seem to be a most likely. FreeWheel monetization technology will hopefully encourage any content provider to reach out Comcast for more programs to be made available for on demand services.


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