ComiXology Takes Off Storefront from iPad, iPhone Apps.


ComiXology Takes Off Storefront from iPad, iPhone Apps.

ComiXology recently sent out some emails to its customers on Saturday with a vaguely stating that a new application for the iPhone and iPad would be released, while the old one would be retired. Although one little problem was the lack of info on the email not explaining to users that the new version would lack a digital storefront, meaning user must access there Internet browser to purchase new titles.


As an incentive to entice its users into switch over, the company has begun to offer its customers with a $5 ComiXology gift card. Switching the the new application will require the user to sync their in-aoo purchases within the legacy application, then installing the new option from the App Store and logging onto their account.

This recent switch comes short after Amazon had announced that it had purchased ComiXology, which is responsible for the popular iPad and iPhone application named “comics.” It has consistently stayed near the top of the iOS App Store’s top grossing charts for iPad, while ComiXology has also become responsible as the official iPad comic reading application for Major Publishers Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, and much more.


The applications for DC, Marvel, and others has remained untouched, and users can continue to purchase their digital titles through the iOS application. But for those who upgrade to the new ComiXology must access the service website in order to purchase their content.

This is the very same approach Amazon uses with its Kindle platform, which lacks the capability to purchase titles through the official Kindle application. Users are forced to visit Amazon on their browser to purchase books, and those titles can then be downloaded and read through the official iOS application.

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