Connexity Recently Acquired by Shopzilla.


Connexity Recently Acquired by Shopzilla.

As of Thursday, Shopzilla has confirmed it manage to acquire A Ventura based company by the name of Connexity, an online company that tracks internet searches to deliver specific ads.

While at the moment the financial terms have not been disclosed, the acquisition was completed sometime during the earlier month. All the current employees that are under Connexity, which include both co-founders Dean banks and Dave Gross, will still be staying with the currently based in Los Angeles, Shopzilla site who is currently owned by Symphony Technology Group.

Connexity does now plan on losing or firing any current member that have been working from the Ventura Ventures Technology center since it late 2010 establishment.

“We are staying here for the time being,” Gross said, adding that they have no intention of moving to Los Angeles.

“We like it here,” he said. Shopzilla “also wants a presence up this way. There are a lot of ad technology companies in Ventura County and Santa Barbara that make it a fertile pool for hiring, et cetera, so having an ad branch in Ventura County is part of the plan.”

A recent statement released by Shopzilla indicated it plans to link Connexity software media purchasing platform to its Aisle A division, which are specialized in audience buying. CEO Bill Glass of Shopzilla has commented that the company has been previously investing in data science before.

Shopzilla and Connexity have been working together since the previous year in hopes of mixing its core core capabilities with their shopping intent data,


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