ConsoleTuner Introduces a Universal Gaming Device.


ConsoleTuner Introduces a Universal Gaming Device.

Gamers looking for true power over their games should look no further! The new Titan One device by ConsoleTuner requires no installation or hardware modification and works with most current gaming systems and controllers.


ConsoleTuner is proud to introduce the next generation of controller adapter with a user customizable device designed to provide players with the ultimate level of gaming control. Gamers can get an edge up on the competition with the Gtuner PRO (Windows Software) and GamePacks for features, such as adjustable rate rapid fire, aim assist, and auto spot, drop shot, scoping abilities, easy sprint, and more previously only available on “Modified” aftermarket controllers.

Because of the ability to swap button layouts, gamers will be able to use the Titan One to adjust their controllers to their personal tastes, something especially important to southpaw gamers. ConsoleTuner has ensured the device is an easy USB plug-and-play gadget that works on Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, and requires no installation or hardware modification.

The Titan One device includes Bluetooth v4.0 compatibility for wireless PS4 & PS3 controller support. The Gtuner PRO software comes with a free lifetime premium subscription.

Not only will gamers have the ability for greater control while playing their games, but ConsoleTuner also offers weekly game pack releases through Gtuner PRO. The app is specifically designed to provide continual updates for exclusive features.

The original developers of the Cronus & CronusMAX, creators and developers at ConsoleTuner have moved to a new family of controller adapters. Looking toward the future, the company now offers Titan One and Gtuner PRO software for gamers looking for a competitive edge.

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