Constellix Sonar Rolls Out New Features.


Constellix Sonar Rolls Out New Features.

Constellix Sonar is leading the industry for system monitoring and traffic optimization service. The advanced new system monitoring and network optimization service launched earlier this year and now has more than 5,000 beta users.


The Sonar system offers a suite of traffic management tools designed to provide a detailed health analysis of server and network infrastructure, which is unlike any product available in the industry today. The system allows users to monitor their services every 30 seconds. That translates into more than 45,000 queries.

This month, Constellix Sonar released a new feature for its monitoring service: scheduled down time. The scheduled downtime allows users to specify a specific time the system will be under planned maintenance.

In addition to when this feature is enabled, Constellix Sonar monitoring services will not notify contacts during the scheduled maintenance window, since it is not considered an outage that needs immediate attention for repair. Users are able to specify downtime schedules in three intervals: daily, weekly and monthly.

For now, this scheduled downtime is limited to http system checks, which are by far the most popular. However, Constellix Sonar will soon add this feature to the DNS and TCP checks.

These new features are in addition Constellix Sonar’s other integrated tools that offer a range of advanced features including: performance optimization, troubleshooting, real-time logging, and alert management.

For example, system administrators can monitor a server based on connectivity and performance metrics; making the definition of up or down a more diverse set of custom conditions. Issues found by the monitoring tool can be addressed with built-in troubleshooting tools as well as real-time log reporting provided by Constellix Sonar Intelligence (CSI), functionality available for the first time in any system monitoring product.


Constellix Sonar was created by the engineer team at DNS Made Easy, a subsidiary of Tiggee LLC. DNS Made Easy is one of the industry’s fastest, most reliable DNS networks in the world. DNS Made Easy provides services to a diverse list of clientele ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. DNS Made Easy’s global network is renown in the industry for its unparalleled network speed and redundancy tested and verified by third parties sources, such as Solve DNS.

“Management of a massive network infrastructure such as this requires the DNS Made Easy engineering team to accurately monitor each of the hundreds of servers throughout the world in real-time,” said Steven Job, president of Tiggee. “We developed a unique and outstanding system that we can now share with the public.”

Creating Constellix Sonar was 12 years in the making, based on client feedback and how other monitoring services have failed to meet industry requirements.

There are no third party monitoring services up to the task or available that could provide multiple regional monitoring points and real-time analysis of network speed.

“With these new features we just rolled out, it puts us even farther in the forefront of the industry,” Job said. “Our existing IPv6 monitoring has put Constellix Sonar on the forefront of technology. Sonar is expected to change the way businesses monitor and maintain their online presence.”

Constellix Sonar is very proud with the groundbreaking achievements that it is making with IPv6 monitoring as well. Currently, Sonar is the only IPv6 monitoring tool of it’s kind that offers users the ability to troubleshoot IPv6 networksin real time. The development team at Sonar is planning additional services in the coming months in preparation for their upcoming Beta 2 release.

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