Cotap Includes Additional Premium Services for Enterprise Customers.


Cotap Includes Additional Premium Services for Enterprise Customers.

The Leading enterprise mobile messaging service, known as Cotap, has recently announced the launching of its premium services, which will provide the company with access to their users analytics, improved security features and the capability of sending aimed, costumed mobile alerts to co-worker and employees.

Simple Works.

Anyone who owns a working email address can sign up to use Cotap for free and easily find and message, almost anyone within their established work place or organization without and problem of having to exchange numbers. User will also be able to sync in their calender and to message anyone who is suppose to attend a meeting with important updates and changes.

Singing up with Cotap’s premium services will allow company administrators to have access to the Cotap Admin Console, which includes the following features:

  • Monitoring & Analytics — sort and view users by name, email address, registration date, device type and number of sent messages.
  • User Management — easily add or remove users; once a user has been deprovisioned by an admin, they will no longer be able to send or receive messages.
  • Data Management — receive a detailed report of sent and received messages.

Part of the premium services also include the capability for the company and team administrator to send a specific mobile alert to employees mobile devices, delivering a instant push notification. These alerts can be customized and previewed before sending it, along with a option to send said message to specific organizations or the entire company. For instance, organizations can use the feature to send any emergency communication in case of a crisis, issue employees with surveys or informing workers about important staffing changes, among other available optional uses.

Faster Communication.

For employees who do not have Cotap installed onto their mobile devices, it will still be possible for them to receive text messages and alerts as email messages.

“Texting has become the easiest, fastest way for people to communicate and share information today, including at work. Cotap now gives companies a way to support how employees prefer to communicate, while keeping the data private and secure,” said Jim Patterson, co-founder and CEO, Cotap. “By choosing Cotap to send alerts, companies also have the ability to put critical updates and important announcements directly into the hands of employees, with confidence the information will be seen. Mobile is ultimately the most powerful way to engage with employees and we believe this is only the beginning.”

Cotap is currently free and available fore download in both App Store and Google Play Store. Cotap will be offering its premium services with two pricing tiers. The Enterprise level, which will include access to the Admin Console as well as the capability to send alerts to the entire company. The Team level will also be available for companies that would like to sigh up just to utilize the send custom text alerts to employees. Both of these plans are available for a per use monthly fee.

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