Cougar Mountain Software Launches Denali 4.


Cougar Mountain Software Launches Denali 4.

Cougar Mountain Software, a leading provider of accounting software, announced the release of a new version of their accounting system, Denali 4.1, which includes enhancements to the Denali Payroll system along with other improvements and corrections.

“The enhancements in 4.1 are found in the Denali Payroll software. After the successful launch of Denali Payroll earlier this year we listened to the feedback and requests of customers and delivered new and improved functionality in the area of user-defined fields, time clock data, leave processing, and check printing,” states Ann Geisel, Product Owner at Cougar Mountain Software. “We are constantly improving the Denali accounting software and this planned release delivers enhancements requested by our customers.”

Details of the Denali 4.1 enhancements include:

  •     Add User-Defined Fields for Custom Tracking and Reporting: You can create user-defined fields and codes to track additional information for your employees.
  •     Import Daily Transactions from Time Clocks: You can import daily units for employees who use a time clock.
  •     Process Periodic Leave: You can process leave that accumulates monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
  •     Specify the Information that Prints on Checks: You can choose the number of benefits/deductions and pay rates that appear on your payroll checks and choose which benefits/deductions you want to show.

Dave Haworth, EVP at Cougar Mountain Software, adds, “The Cougar Mountain Software Product Management and Development teams have a commitment to quality that is demonstrated in the delivery of the latest releases of Denali. Our goal is to provide accounting software that is simple and easy to use, but also provides comprehensive accounting solutions for small to medium size organizations with needs that cannot be met with so called light-accounting packages.”

Cougar Mountain Software plans periodic releases of the Denali Accounting Software system throughout the year. Plans for future 2014 releases include advanced general ledger reporting features and a new user interface for Denali Point of Sale.

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