Coursera Launches Educational Online Company For Android App.


 Coursera Launches Educational Online Company For Android App.

Online schooling can be quite handy for most people, especially for those who barely have time to travel the necessary distance. Coursera is one of the most popular upcoming educational options that area currently available for a more non-traditional learning, and recently it has been announced that the application would be making its way towards the Android operating system to make things even more easier.


Courser offers the feeling of a real college and university courses that are available in actual school, which allowed dedicated students to receive useful learning with out the huge amounts of time and money it normally takes to simply get access. While its true that nothing palpable except for a mark showing its completion, but if one is looking for ways to further increase their skills and knowledge, then this application may be a very good way to invest ones own time into.

The service is currently offering over 600 course that has become available from over 100 institutions, that range from places like, the Scandinavian Film and Television to Cryptography classes that are available from Standford.  Programming and educations tends to have a much more heavier fosuc due to practical and on-demand skills.


The application will allow user to browse the a list of courses that are available to enroll in classes, stream video,s lectures, and downloadable class materials. Notifications of any upcoming courses will be sent to users to make sure they don’t miss any classes they wish to join in on. Courser’s system utilizes actual legit professors and TA’s, so class availability is on  a non-standard schedule.

Coursera’s app is a free download. You’ll need an account and an Android 4.0 or higher device to get in on the action.


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