How To Create A Stunning Press Kit For Your Startup


How To Create A Stunning Press Kit For Your Startup

Having a press kit before launching your startup’s product is a must. The reason why a lot of tech bloggers or tech news sites aren’t featuring your startup is because they do not have enough information about you. Did you know that most of the top blogs auto reject emails that does not have a press kit? It is also much easier to gain attention from smaller bloggers if you have a press kit link on your site. Bigger news site will only accept people who has a press kit. Traditionally creating a press kit would cost thousands of dollars if not more by using a PR firm. Startups are on a shoestring budget and this is the part where the “business person” or “idea guy” can show off what he’s got!

Company Description

All of your press kit files should be compressed in a zip file labeled companyname_press or something related. The first file you should have in your press kit is a document that includes information regarding your startup. This document should include your startup’s name, objective, a short story, the problem your startup solves, investors, and company information. This does not have to be a 10 page powerpoint presentation. Most startups do not use anymore than 2 pages for this simple document. It’s just a quick reference and layout, similar to the about me page of your website.


The second thing you would need in your press kit is a folder with your logos and your product in action. For example if you have a travel iphone app, then you should snap a few high quality screenshots of the app in action and put it in the screenshot folder. It is also important to include multiple format of your startup’s logo. This allows bloggers and news sites to easily take the photos out of the press kit and match it with their blogging format. A lot of startups also include the pictures in different format such as jpg, png, vector formats etc. so that the press reporters can fully edit it themselves. Always Always Always remember to include sample pictures of your demo/prototype/mockup/app in action. Here’s a picture of Seatgeek’s press page. Simple and straight forward.

seatgeek press kit

Founders Profile

You should also include a separate document listing the founders and a short description of their background. Keep it as professional as possible. This document should include a good picture with a description of each founder’s background next to it. Why is this important? If you keep track of top tech news site, you will notice that each time an editor introduces a new startup, the editors will include a short description of the founder. For example, startup XYZ launched today, founder James Ma is a MIT alumni and previously worked at Amazon. Typically, the editor receives all of these information through your startup kit. Make sure you only write a short description of your highlights, no editor wants to read an autobiography. This isn’t necessary, but a lot of startups also include a description of all their staffs. Quite often, this document might have up to 15 people. Here’s an example of Babylist’s press founder page.

babylist press kit founder

Contact Information

It is also best to have another document with contact information for all your divisions in your press kit. For example, you might have someone in your startup that specifically handles the social media. Include that in your contact sheet. You might have someone that handles media or support, include all of those in your contact sheet. This is important because it wouldn’t make sense for an editor to request additional information about the startup by contacting your finance guy. This also helps you organize your email, so that you know which email is which.

Press Kit Section

Include a press kit section on your website. This does not have to be specifically press kit. Most startup actually labels this page simply as “Press”. The bigger public companies would label this section as Investor Relations or something similar. This single page should include a download link for the press kit that you have put together. This page should also list all of the latest press and blog releases in a timely fashion. All the latest releases, funding rounds, new investors, and blog post should be listed in this page. Check out Seatgeek’s press kit page for an example. You can also include a FAQ on your website or in you press kit so that editors have a better overview of the questions the community has about your product.

This is just a brief overview of how a press kit should be put together. In my next post, I will talk about how to get your press kit onto media sites for your prelaunch. Having everything in order is just your first step.

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