Creative Loot Inc. Launches In-stream Shopping Apps for Social Media.


Creative Loot Inc. Launches In-stream Shopping Apps for Social Media.

Creative Loot announced today the official launch of the Pro Loot automated social commerce application, enabling brands to create interactive stores in-stream to increase social media conversions. Pro Loot eliminates the need to redirect consumers to a website by integrating and embedding a store natively within the social media ecosystem of sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger and more. Users can also shop socially via any mobile device.

Social Commerce.

One of the major challenges of social commerce has been connecting the bridge between social media marketing and legitimate sales. Marketers have been seeking successful methods to shorten this sales cycle on social media.

“Typically, social media fans prefer to stay within the platform, rather than clicking a link and being redirected off-site. Pro Loot addresses this consumer tendency and acts as the gateway between a fan and a brand’s product on Facebook, Tumblr, and other social media platforms. This shortened sales cycle will increase in-stream purchases and offer brands a more immediate return on investment for their social media efforts,” said Jeremy Williams, Chairman & CEO at Creative Loot.

Pro Loot.

For $20, the Pro Loot app enables a brand’s store to open up and expand directly on a social media platform with cool fan favorites like the integrated YouTube player for video commercials or the live streaming tweets that appear on featured products. Customers are able to browse, select, and add items to their cart without being redirected. The checkout process is optimized through PayPal integration to create a safe, secure, and seamless shopping experience for buyers. Google Analytics tracking ensures that the retailer is provided the data necessary to follow along the path to purchase.

“We’re excited to offer marketers and brands the ability to capture the attention of consumers and convert them at the initial point of impression. Pro Loot gives brands a frictionless new tool to help boost brand awareness, viral discovery, and sales. Consumers also receive a next-generation online shopping experience that is completely interactive, fun, and easy to use,” said Sarah Oak Kim, Executive Vice President at Creative Loot.

To complement their new solution, Creative Loot has also developed a platform app manager that enables their users to fully manage the creation, control, and distribution of the Pro Loot application. Whether you are a corporate marketing manager or a Etsy-like hobbyist, the automated app manager makes it easy for anybody to create a completely customizable store that highlights your featured products.

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