Creator Of Crossfire Invests $112 Million Into Sundaytoz


Creator Of Crossfire Invests $112 Million Into Sundaytoz,

Crossfire’s parent company Smilegate announced that the company has purchased 20% of Sundaytoz in a buy out of $112 Million dollars. Crossfire is one of the most famous shooting game world wide. Each year Smilegate’s Crossfire generates over 1 billion dollar revenue and is played by most teenagers in Asia. Sundaytoz is a mobile/game app startup that focuses on creating unique and cute games such as Anipang.

SundayToz & Kakao

SundayToz started in 2009 but shot to fame in 2012 when Kakao introduced their gaming platform. Together they quickly rose to the top of the Google app store in downloads. SundayToz is most known for it’s Anipang game which is kind of like a cute version of bejeweled. The main revenue source from the game comes from in app purchases. The other source of revenue comes from sponsors and ecommerce merchandise. SundayToZ is backed by Softbank Ventures Korea and Walden International. The team itself is made up of more than 25 employees mainly consisting coders and designers.



Smilegate is a huge gaming company in Korea that owns the revenue generating beast game, Crossfire. Crossfire is a huge first person shooter computer game that is extremely popular in Asia. The popularity of Crossfire in North America isn’t as strong because a lot of people claim that there are a lot of hacks in the game. Nevertheless, it is a annually one billion dollar business in Asia. Some of the other games that are currently in development are Project R and Project PK.

Joining Forces

Gaming culture is huge in Korea. A lot of people refer to the Esport (gaming sports) scene in Korea to the national sport scene of Korea. If you walk on the streets of Korea and ask random people if they know some top gamer’s name, 9 out of 10 of them would say yes. For years, Starcraft was the main national game in Korea, but now it has shifted to other games such as League Of Legends.

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What’s more important is that all around Asia, people are starting to lean towards more mobile games. It looks like SmileGate is taking a big leap by putting this large amount of money into SundayToz. It seems as if Smilegate wants to dominate the entire gaming community by entering the mobile app division as well. Since more and more people are heading towards mobile, this can be a good choice for Smilegate.

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