Credico UK Stand Up for Direct Marketing Due To Recent Criticism.


Credico UK Stand Up for Direct Marketing Due To Recent Criticism.

The ICO cited in its annual report and financial statements [2013/2014] that there were ‘major concerns’ over the amount of customer complaints received about nuisance calls and texts. With more reported complaints than ever before and high profile consumer rights cases such as the incident involving Wonga, sales and marketing firm Credico UK dispute the report and claim that the report holds a very limited and negative view of the direct marketing industry.

Direct Marketing.

Direct marketing is an incredibly broad term, cold calling and spam texts are just a very small part of the industry. Credico UK believe that the recent report gives the industry a bad reputation without looking into other approaches used within the industry. Credico UK specialise in face to face customer interactions, a form of direct marketing which has been highly successful and well received by their clients’ customers. Meeting with customers directly allows businesses to form stronger and more meaningful connections with their customers which lead to an increase in customer loyalty rates. Whereas other forms of direct marketing may seem invasive and very one sided, face to face marketing ensures an open two way stream on communication is established between the business and the customer, allowing the customer to ask questions and interact with the product before making a clear and informed purchase decision. Credico UK has found the approach to be popular among consumers, who appreciate the personalised customer centric service that other forms of direct marketing fail to deliver.

Credico UK. 

Credico UK understand that many customers find some forms of direct marketing as invasive and frustrating, however they feel it is unfair to assess the industry as a whole without looking at the effects and response to face to face marketing solutions.

Credico UK are a field marketing firm who offer innovative and unique face to face marketing campaigns to a vast range of clients. The firm are proud to be a part of the direct marketing sector and despite the recent report has seen high demand for their services. The popularity of Credico UK’s direct marketing approach has given the firm room for growth and they have exciting plans to expand their offices later this year, proving that direct marketing if used the correct way can be a highly effective form of marketing.

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