Crosse Studios Releases Its First Community-Based Lacrosse Video Game.


Crosse Studios Releases Its First Community-Based Lacrosse Video Game.

Crosse Studios, the creator of over ten lacrosse video games, is set to launch the first ever community-based lacrosse video game where players have an unprecedented chance to bring lacrosse into the video game market.


Lacrosse ’15 is poised to garner the market share and mindshare of lacrosse players in the video game market, where until now, lacrosse games were absent. Through a revolutionary kick-starter campaign, players of all levels can help bring the game to the market. Players simply donate an amount of their choice and then have the opportunity to be featured as a player in the game and offered “founding team” feedback.

Users with smaller donations are offered free preorders of the game for Xbox, PlayStation, or PC and granted access to beta test the game. Larger donations provide supporters with the option of creating their own player, team, or company brand to be featured in the game.


The video game market is predicted to become a $100 billion industry by 2017 with an annual growth rate of 8% according to Newzoo. Sport games alone bring in over $4 billion in profit a year. Founder of Crosse Studios, Carlo Sunseri, looks to bring lacrosse, one of the world’s fastest growing sports, to the video game industry.

“We are thrilled to be the first to the market. As a lacrosse player and video gamer, I know that there is strong market potential for Lacrosse ’15,” Sunseri said. “The excitement is contagious and it is our hope that these user generated teams and characters will add growth to the sport by getting more people involved and excited about being featured in a video game.”

Lacrosse ‘15 is currently in the middle of its $75,000 fundraising goal on So far, the game has raised over 50% of its goal since its start on May 22nd. The campaign will close on July 10th.

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