Crowdfundraiser Launches Strategic Initiative for Providing For Churches.


Crowdfundraiser Launches Strategic Initiative for Providing For Churches.

Crowdfundraiser , a site for raising money online for nearly any cause, announces a strategic initiative for sourcing desperately needed funding for churches, religious groups and other local non-profit organizations. This newest initiative is part of the company’s effort to reach out to financing causes where the need is the greatest and where local groups can get together to assist.

“We’re really interested in providing assistance where it is needed most,” says Nate Nead, Principal of Crowdfundraiser. “Lack of financing has been a major concern over the last six to seven years and we’re hoping that our crowdfunding tool will begin to unlock some of the liquidity opportunities in the crowd,” he says.


Crowdfundraiser is currently offering discounts to all non-profit groups, including religious organizations looking to do crowdfunding for churches. The discounts are currently being applied to several campaigns on the company’s website including fundraising for first responders and tragedies like churches damaged by fires and other natural disasters.

“We want to make it easy for churches small and large to create and publish campaigns for raising money for their locally-focused causes, and we want to make it non-profit affordable,” says Nead. “That’s why we’re targeting these groups with direct outreach and providing enviable discounts to them for their campaigns.”

Crowdfundraiser is a site that allows individuals and businesses to raise money for both personal and investment-related causes. The company provides easy crowd fundraising tools for raising money quickly by tapping the funding power of large groups and connections through traditional and social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

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