Current Drives LLC’s Successfully Runs Its Crowdfunding Campaign.


Current Drives LLC’s Successfully Runs Its Crowdfunding Campaign.

Seattle based Startup, Current Drives LLC has recently managed to double its original fundraising goal on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, with its very first electric fin motor system for stand-up paddle boards called the ElectraFin.


The ElectraFin propels the users on either paddleboards, longboards, and kayaks by utilizing electric power. The ElectraFin will allow the user to go even further and access waterways that would normally be difficult to navigate and reach with the power of human strength alone.

When combined with Current Drinves 11’6 Inflatable paddle board. user will have the most compact human electric hybrid watercraft that’s currently in the market that fits quite easily into the supplied backpack for transport and storage.

The Current Drives LLC crowdfunding campaign will continue to run until April 7, 104. Any Early support of the campaign will be receiving an exclusive updates and saving from a total of $600 on the ElectraFin, along with an inflatable stand-up paddle boards.

Business Partners.

Curren Drives LLC is also accepting applications for new dealers and sales representatives that are interested in selling their product within their markets. Dealer can try to grab hold of it in their exclusive sales territories by pre-purchasing the dealer packages on the Indigogo Campaign site.

Mike Randenbaugh, President and Co-founder of Current Drives LLC, has been positively brimming with happiness from all of he welcoming response from the water sports community:

“We have been flooded with inquiries from surf and paddle shops wanting to get the ElectraFin onto their shelves. The shops see the ElectraFin as a great way to offer their customers something new and exciting.”

Once the completion for the Indiegogo campaign has arrived, Current Drives LLC will fulfill its pre-purchase orders and dealer package.


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