CXO Collective International Partners with the Angel Investor Network.


CXO Collective International Partners with the Angel Investor Network.

CXO Collective International, LLC and the Angel Investor Network (AIN) recently formed a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing CXO’s ability to provide quality deals to the angel investor community. AIN, headquartered in San Diego, CA, provides its members with a full spectrum of investment opportunities, prompting this new alliance.


Talented entrepreneurs and accredited investors are making connections, helping startups take their operations to the next level.

Corbin Cowan, President and Co-Founder of CXO, said, “CXO is all about bringing capital together with the experience to grow the business and the right companies to invest in, so this alliance will strengthen our ability to provide much needed capital to growing businesses.”

CXO works with startups that have proven track records and real talent, which gives angel investors access to quality investment opportunities. This screening process is designed to mitigate some of the risks angel investors are exposed to when choosing between investments. AIN and CXO are planning to coordinate networking events and communications, so that startups with great ideas can be discovered by investors with capital and vision.


In the near future, CXO will release a newsletter in conjunction with AIN providing the latest updates on equity financing and insights into investment opportunities. This new strategic alliance is likely to stir exciting news in the angel investor community, making it important for entrepreneurs and investors to keep a close watch on the best methods for financing and hottest sectors to invest in.

Greg Writer, CEO at AIN, said, “This strategic alliance between CXO and AIN is perfect and will enhance our ability to have a positive impact on funding early stage companies not only with capital but with human capital.” AIN’s members have the business savvy, executive skills and industry experience to turn startups into successes, making CXO’s network ideal for establishing new business deals.

CXO is a private equity firm that provides financing and managerial support to growing companies, along with other services aimed at taking startups to the next stage in their evolution. From networking events to executive leadership, entrepreneurs can count on CXO to help their companies reach maximum potential.

The alliance between these two companies will increase the availability of equity financing for startups and investment opportunities for angel investors.

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