CXO Collective Starts Global Expansion Starting With Australia.


CXO Collective Starts Global Expansion Starting With Australia.

CXO Collective International, LLC now has chapters located in Sydney, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand, as a first step towards global expansion. Both chapters opened in July of 2014 and are accepting new members to join CXO’s growing network of business consultants.

Corbin Cowan, CXO co-founder, said, “Everyone around the globe that sees what we are doing is excited about it, and they want to bring it to their country.” Kick-off events are planned in the coming months to promote both chapters and generate buzz about the opportunities CXO can provide entrepreneurs and equity investors. These events are open to current and prospective members interested in expanding their financial horizons.


CXO is giving its U.S. members an opportunity to generate favorable returns from strong international economies, as well offering them international consulting experience. For instance, the U.S. economy has been sluggish since 2008, but the Australian economy has been booming. This situation presents an opportunity for CXO’s members to use their talents and experience to take advantage of boom times, regardless of their location.

CXO Collective International, LLC is a private equity firm headquartered in Jupiter, Florida. It provides opportunities for equity investors, entrepreneurs and business owners to meet and create lasting business relationships. Whether its equity financing or executive leadership, CXO is there to help its stakeholders reach their objectives.

To learn more about CXO Collective International, LLC and new chapters being opened up around the world, be sure to visit or phone (561) 935-9977. CXO is continuing to leverage its successes and members’ talent to make headway into international markets.

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