DabKick Introduces Rooms to Let People Watch Media Together.


DabKick Introduces Rooms to Let People Watch Media Together.

Changing the way people communicate remotely, known as DabKick has announced today that DabKick Rooms will allow people to watch media content together in one “room,” using any connected device. With Rooms, brands, celebrities, and content creators now have a new way to engage with their fans and groupies by setting up a Room to share and enjoy content and interact through voice and chat, live.

Live Sharing.

Existing Channels like YouTube and other providers distribution, while they deliver a structured experience, they are not ideal for real-engagement and interactions with fans. DabKick Rooms will introduce an all new experience that mirrors a physical hangout or an a theater like setting, allowing content creator to participate within a discussion and receive feedback while their production is being watched,

Rooms is available for iOS devices on the Apple iTunes Store here.

“It’s our mission to change the way people communicate with each other remotely, and with Rooms, we’re introducing new ways for groups to engage with each other, and with content creators, interacting without interrupting their viewing experience,” said Balaji Krishnan, founder and CEO, DabKick. “Rooms represents a new experience for one-to-many communications, and opens up new fan engagement experiences that weren’t possible before. We’re excited to see how content creators harness the power of this new channel, and we expect to be sharing much more exciting news very soon.”


DabKick Rooms is aiming for 3 broad categories for its launch:

  • Content Distributors: Comcast or DirecTV for example can now set up a Room for all authenticated users to watch live TV and interact with each other as if they were together.
  • Celebrities: A celebrity could watch content together with fans, using Rooms as a channel to drop new content, or to hang out and engage fans around existing content, in one place.
  • Indie Content Creators: YouTube and other similar channels provide distribution, but deliver a siloed experience and don’t have great tools to engage with viewers and fans. Rooms lets artists broadcast content and engage in real-time conversation and feedback with fans, in one place, at the same time.

Before DabKick had offered a one-on-one experience that allowed two people to watch media content together and interact in real-time while sharing, photos, movies, and music while chatting and talking as if they were together in real life.

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