Daily Theme Wants To Help Everyone In China Master English


Daily Theme Wants To Help Everyone In China Master English

Daily Theme is a startup based in Shanghai China. The goal of daily theme is to be able to help everyone in China master English. Daily theme was founded by three people who are not native English speakers. These three founders fully understand how hard it is to learn English and they wanted to create a website that will make the learning experience much easier.

Daily Theme

So what exactly does daily theme do? Daily theme provides a platform for users to write 100 word articles. These articles will then be critiqued by writing professionals. The writing professionals will review your article and give you feedback. The reason why there is a 100 word limit is because Daily Theme wants the writer to concentrate on improving English and not just blabbering out content to meet the minimum requirements.

The team is apart of the China Accelerator Team which is why their main office is located in China. The team has it’s main offices in the USA located in Washington D.C. Their original goal was to educated people that were having trouble learning English in the United States, but they noticed that most of their users were from China. That is when they decided that Asia was the place to hit!

Daily Theme runs on an efficient and simple business model. The startup runs on a freemium model that allows up to 2 reviews per month for free, then plans range from 9USD$ a month up to 125$ per month. The 9$ a month plan will get you 10 reviewed articles per month. This isn’t a whole lot, but it is enough articles for you to look over your mistakes and correct them.


Do People Pay?

Most users currently are under the free plan, but there are quite a big amount of users that pay for the service. People take learning English seriously in China. For years, English was never a required language to take at grade school. Most people do opt-in to take it as apart of their elective class.

A big chunk of Chinese students hire foreigners to teach them English in a one on one session. With a site like Daily Theme, students can practice their english on their own free time without having to pay for a private tutor. 10 articles a month might still be a bit too little for most students, the most used one is the 25$ model which includes 24 free articles per month. That should be more than enough for you to practice writing English.

Their goal isn’t necessary to build a huge startup out of this. The founders noticed that most social media apps in China have both English versions of apps and Chinese version of apps. The founders wondered how come things were always separated into two different platforms. Their goal is to bring English speaking knowledge to everyone in China.

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