Dangerous Encryption Flaw Leaves WhatsApp Messages Exposed.


Dangerous Encryption Flaw Leaves WhatsApp Messages Exposed.

Looks like things continue to get even worse when it comes towards security and privacy for mobile phones. while most smartphones are well protected there are still possible leaks and cracks that could be enough for anyone to cause damage, especially with applications that ask for access on the phone. Of course that does not mean to start getting paranoid about ever single app or quit smart phones in general. usually the slight oversights tend to be detrimental towards the users when they decide not to read the permission notice, especially for those who have been recently been using WhatsApp messaging app.


The Netherlands Expert.

The recent issue with the application that popped up, has been reveal by an IT guru from the Netherlands, by the name Bas Bosschert. This man has pent countless years working with Unix and Linux, so he knows his way around open source software. Bosschert has revealed that WhatsApp ask permission to access and write to the external SD card, which can be really insecure. Any application that has been granted access to ones SD card could in theory access any backed up messages. Any and we mean ANY application could do this, and you would be none the wiser of it happening

Bosschert said himself, “People would only see a loading screen when they started the game.  They wouldn’t notice that their WhatsApp database had been uploaded.”

To add a cherry on top, WhatsApp uses a similar encryption for its incoming and outgoing messages, so should any skilled hacker somehow figure out one of these, they could have access to the plain text files for both. This fact has been reveal by a computer science and mathematics student at Utrect University, named Thijs Alkemedae, located in the Netherlands as well. He’s taken a similar interest in WhatsApps since Facebook acquisition of the software.



While Google takes as many security precaution as it can thing like this from happening on its Play Store, things tend to never be perfect. Even with Google using ever ounce of power to stop the process of duplicate or malicious apps from existing on its store, nothing is 100% agreed. The best way to keep safe, is to be carefully on what application you wish to download and make sure to read the permission note before granting any kind of access to the application.



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