Dash To Release Their Automobile Product in 2014


Dash To Release Automobile Hardware


Dash, an automobile analytic startup, will release their first car product in 2014. Dash is launching a low-cost, easy-to-install device that analyses car and driver performance, allowing the driver the opportunity to drive more economically and safely. Dash isn’t just any mobile app or electronic device, it is a device that also gives alerts to family and friends in the case of an accident. Another amazing feature of dash is the ability to track down your car repair expenses if your car breaks down, so you have an early estimate and know exactly how much you will be paying for in repairs. Dash also provides you with an analytical rating of how well you drive.


“We’re launching the consumer product first followed by the ios. The device is really focused on safety, social, and saving. From the consumer point of view, the system is quite cheap. You can get the app for free and the hardware device for a little less than $10.” – Jamyn Edis CEO of Dash

As they do so, they’re about halfway to a $1 million fundraising round and the company recently won the grand prize in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Apps for Vehicle Challenge. Dash has launch their beta sign up on their website. The following video is a demo of how Dash works and pretty much explains their entire concept. Technology is changing the automotive world.




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