Database VoltDB Appoints Acquia and Bit9 CEOs to Board of Directors


Database VoltDB Appoints Acquia and Bit9 CEOs to Board of Directors

An insanely fast, in-memory operational database, known as VoltDB has recently announced that Thomas Erickson, Chief executive of Acquia, and Patrick Morley, president and chief executive officer of Bit9, had joined their Board of Directors.


CEO of Acquia, Thomas Erickson, is one of the leading providers of integrated digital experiences for some of the biggest know brands in this world. And now it will he will be bringing VoltDB the benefit of more than 30 years of experience within the enterprise software industry. Erickson will be offering valuable insights from the top of one of the quickest growing private company in North America and disruptive force within the open source content management market. Acquia will help various organizations deliver amazing digital experiences with a unique mixture of content, community, and commerce capabilities.

“VoltDB stands alone in its ability to drive real-time next-generation Big Data applications,” said Erickson. “Its unique capabilities are ideally suited to help organizations immediately derive value from the massive volumes of data generated by interconnected people and devices, machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT).”


The President and CEO of Bit9, Patrick Morley, and the leader of a new generation of endpoint and server security, will be bringing to the VoltDB table, more than two decades of experience within the software industry expertise. Morley will even offer VoltDB an inside perspective on how  real-time visibility and security can redefine the way business and organizations can identify, respond to, and secure against highly advanced threats and maleware. With Morle’ys leadership guiding them, Bit9 had experienced a massive growth as the only solution on the market that continuously monitors and records every single activity on endpoints and serves that prevent cyber attacks that evade most traditional means of security defenses.

“Real-time insights from massive data streams are the key to transforming established industries and fueling emerging applications,” said Morley. “VoltDB is a perfect fit for use cases, like endpoint security, that require breakthrough speed, real-time analytics and the ability to make decisions about data the instant it arrives.”

“Tom and Patrick bring accomplished leadership, extensivemarket knowledge and deep operational experience that will be of significant value in helping to shape VoltDB’s future,”said Bruce Reading, president and CEO of VoltDB. “Their perspectives and guidance will allow us toaccelerate growth and more effectively capitalize on the market opportunity that we see for VoltDB. We are delighted that they have joined our team.”

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