Dell Charges An Outrages Price For Installation of Mozilla Free Browser


Dell Charges An Outrages Price For Installation of Mozilla Free Browser

It’s been recently found out that Dell has been charging their own customers an amount of £16.25 ($27.18) for the installation of Firefox on any newly purchased computer. Various sources have contacted Mozilla and the company has denied that it has struck any kind of deal with Dell and is currently investigating the issue.

“There is no agreement between Dell and Mozilla which allows Dell or anyone else to charge for installing Firefox using that brand name,” Mozilla’s Vice President and General Counsel Denelle Dixon-Thayer told TNW. “Our trademark policy makes clear that this is not permitted and we are investigating this specific report.”

Dell charging £16.25 for Mozilla Firefox browser installation service

Mozilla’s Policy.

Even so, the option for the installation can be found on Dells site for their computers.

Mozilla has even manged to elaborately point out even further that a specific section of the company’s trademark policy has already covered such issue. The section can be found under Software Distribution:

If you are using the Mozilla Mark(s) for the unaltered binaries you are distributing, you may not charge for that product. By not charging, we mean the Mozilla product must be without cost and its distribution (whether by download or other media) may not be subject to a fee, or tied to subscribing to or purchasing a service, or the collection of personal information. If you want to sell the product, you may do so, but you must call that product by another name—one unrelated to Mozilla or any of the Mozilla Marks. Remember that we do not want the public to be confused.

This issue made its appearance after one of The Registers readers had tipped them on on this unsettling manner and has been looked into on Dells website to verify.

Currently no information has popped up whether Dell is violating any of Mozilla terms,so until something is heard from Mozilla legal team, all we can do is wait until and announcement is made.


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