The Digibinder Continues to Impress Spiel Associates.


The Digibinder Continues to Impress Spiel Associates.

Spiel Associates recently launched a successful global marketing campaign with the help of their marketing partner Megaleads. Spiel has been able to turn many heads in the online marketplace with a website that is second to none in their industry, and developing countries all over the world are taking notice to Spiel and their bindery machines.

Sterling Digibinder.

One machine that Spiel is sending abroad is the Sterling Digibinder. This perfect binder is completely self adjusting and has already set the standard for perfect binders in the United States. Spiel Associates has no doubts that between the Digibinder’s affordable price and its user-friendly features, they will find much success in the global market. David Spiel of Spiel Associates states: “We couldn’t be happier to help developing countries and their businesses save money and boost their efficiency with our punching machines and the Sterling Digibinder. Our company website will continue to be an integral part of our success in reaching out to our customers outside of the U.S.”

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Punching Machine.

In addition, Spiel’ s punching machines are also gaining notoriety throughout the global and online marketplace. Their new additions to their punching arsenal like the Sterling Digipunch and the Punchmaster 20 continue to stand out in a big way. The Sterling Digipunch’s speed of 72,000 sheets per hour and its easy to use touch screen has easily become a fan favorite among Spiel’s customer base. The Punchmaster 20 has also gained much attention in the global marketplace due to its speed of 125,000 sheets per hour and unmatched versatility.

David Spiel adds: ” The Sterling Punchmaster will punch for Double Loop Wire, Spiral, Plastic Coil Binding, T-Slots, or Plastic Comb Binding faster than any automatic punch on the market. It will also punch double row wrap around covers, windows, doorhangers, and tags. The machine can punch any shape hole anywhere on the sheet.”

Spiel adds that any customer can read testimonials on any of their bindery machines on their updated company website at

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