Digital Postal Services Startup Zumbox Is Shutting Down.


Digital Postal Services Startup Zumbox Is Shutting Down.

The services that delivers postal mail, such as bills, in paperless format in order to secure digital mailboxes during 2009, Zumbox has recently announced that it will be shutting down its services next week.

The statement.

The company released the news in an email sent towards all its users, The email, which has been posted online this week in its entirety by InfoTrends, went on to say, that this was a very difficult decision for them to make.

“At this point, the time and cost required to deliver on the vision is more than the market is prepared to invest,” the email read.”All of us at Zumbox, along with our partners and the mailing community, remain committed to the concept of digital postal mail and have great confidence this capability will one day be the way you receive and manage your postal mail.”

In the message, Zumbox went on to say that users, should export their digital documents from their digital mailboxes by April 14 if they wish to no lose any of their documents once the site shutdowns.

The company was originally founded back in 2006, with a total of $28 million raised in total after three rounds of duning, with the last round happening during the late 2010. Over the past couple of years, there has been a rise of digital mailbox services, with organizations in several countries adopting similar technology.


The US-based startup Zumbox had also entered into a number of partnership with mail and postage organizations worldwide, This included a deal from 2012 with Computershare in Australia to establish its Digital Post Australia business. According to Scott Cameron, Computershare’s group regional direct for Australia and New Zealand, the company intends to continue using the infrastructure that will be left behind by Zumbox’s for the immediate future despite this recent shut down.

“Computershare is aware that US-based Zumbox Inc. has announced it is not able to continue business. We can confirm DPA has on-going access to the live system and standard legal protections to secure access moving forward,” said Cameron in a statement.

Since last year, Digital post Australia claimed it had a total of 1,000 business using it service to digitally distribute rates notices and shareholder information to mail recipients. New Zeland Post has also launched its YouPost digital post mailbox services in partnership with Zumbox during 2012.

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