Rolls Out SignageStudio 4.20.

1 Rolls Out SignageStudio 4.20.

MediaSignage, Inc. a leading player in affordable enterprise digital signage hardware and software announces the release of SignageStudio 4.20, including the release of enhanced scheduling features for the company’s flagship product. The new scheduling tools included in the 4.20 release allow for timeline grouping into a single sequence. The grouped sequence can then be scheduled together in a group. This long-awaited feature provides greater flexibility and control over scheduling in how signage networks operate their screens.


In addition to the enhanced scheduling features released in SignageStudio 4.20, the developers have created a unique proof-of-display tracking system for advertiser and screen measurement. The MediaSignage, Inc. proof-of-display system includes an inexpensive camera attached to a digital signage media player for providing actual image capture and crowd-detection for those passing and viewing a digital signage display.

“This unique product allows an advertiser to have a historical or on-demand glimpse of what is happening at his/her screen locations,” says Sean Levy, CEO. “It’s a way of eliminating advertiser risks when paying screen owners for digital ads.”

The camera captures and audience detection will be included in the mediaCLOUD server, allowing time-stamp image export from the users’ enterprise account to an advertiser. Best of all, the proof-of-display solution requires little additional hardware investment expense, saving our enterprise users valuable resources.


New features have also been released for the company’s simple HTML5 digital signage solution, the SignageStudio Lite. SignageStudio Lite 1.0 now includes live preview options for viewing content changes made on the server for quick editing and faster publishing to your signage player.

“We’re working hard to make the SignageStudio Lite a no-brainer option for the most simple deployments,” says Levy.

The recent features are just a couple of examples of how MediaSignage aims to provide an ever-expanding line of superb products for its customers.

“We hope new and existing users will appreciate these new features and we encourage users to pay close attention to new product release announcements as we’ve several additional and exciting new features just around the corner,” Levy says.

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