How To Discover Killer Ideas For Your Next Startup


How To Discover Killer Ideas For Your Next Startup

Every entrepreneur is different, some have killer ideas everyday and some want to start a startup but can’t come up with an idea. I’m the type that has so many ideas that it can screw me over because I won’t get any of them done. For the ones that can’t discover the next idea or have zero clue what to do, try the following things that will be mentioned throughout this article.

Find A Problem

But I can’t find a problem right? All startups solve something, whether you are providing a service to make life easier for the community or actually providing value for the community. All of it is apart of solving problems. There are millions of problems that occur everyday in this world. The best way to start discovering them is by asking yourself what is something that you hate and you wished someone created a solution for it? Now if you still can’t find a problem, then ask your friends that same question. I’m pretty sure at least one of them will bring up something. Next time you head out to the coffee shop or grocery store, start to notice things around you. What doesn’t seem right or what could be done better? That’s what entrepreneurship and startup is all about, solving problems and changing things!

Revamp An Existing Solution

Have you ever been on a popular website and said to yourself, “Man, this site is awesome, but I just wish it had this…” No startup or company is perfect. Even a company as big as Facebook is lacking features that people want or hate. Maybe certain plugins just don’t function property or loads too slow. That’s where you as an entrepreneur should get that ah ha moment. Think about how you could make it better. This could be just adding a simple extension or using the original web app’s API to create your own software. For example, look at SeatGeek, a highly successful startup that helps people compare and find event tickets. TicketMaster, Stubhub, and many other ticket broker already had on site ticket comparison tools that were widely used by customers. So why did Seatgeek continue with this plan? The reason is because consumers were tabbing back and forth between the top ticket brokerage tools to find the cheapest one. Seatgeek saw this problem and decided to create a product that would solve it.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if….

I’m pretty sure everyone has heard this line at least once in the last 3 years of their life. If you really can’t think of anything, then try to notice your surroundings. Next time you hear someone say, “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, take advantage of it and solve it! Make sure you ask that person for feedback and how they would like the problem to be solved. For example if someone said, wouldn’t it be cool if someone created a website that will track all the flight times. You should proceed by asking them what features would they want to see in that website and every little detail that you can get. That will help you brainstorm and plan for your startup.


Stay Motivated

One of the biggest problem a startup entrepreneur runs into is a burnout. For me, if I was super duper excited about an idea, I would end up not getting anywhere. I ended up just dreaming instead of doing. Thinking big didn’t get me anywhere as well, but that’s just me. Just make sure that you stay motivated and plan accordingly. Write everything down and take action because anyone can dream but entrepreneurs go out there and get their hands dirty.

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