Disney Is Launching An Incubator For Media Startups


Disney Is Launching An Incubator For Media Startups

Startups have been more and more competitive as more and more competition grows. Disney wants apart of the startup business and plans to start an incubator aimed towards media and entertainment companies. Disney is looking to bring 10 elegant startups to join their up and coming startup incubator in Los Angeles. The Disney Incubator will be powered by Techstars.

Disney Incubator

Disney’s Incubator will invest $120,000 and provide mentorship from the tech and entertainment industries, as well as from employees in the Pixar and Marvel field. Techstar will be providing assistance and “powering” Disney’s new incubator. We see a lot of successful big data, clouding and other high tech startups succeed with incubators like Techstar, but how well can Techstar perform with media & entertainment companies? “This is about identifying and mentoring startups with innovative ideas that could help transform the media and entertainment business.” says the VP of Disney’s corporate development group. The program begins June 30th and demo day will occur during September. This is what TechStar mentioned on their site.

Disney Accelerator combines the magic of The Walt Disney Company with the mentorship-driven accelerator model of Techstars to offer a unique advantage for technology startups in the media and entertainment space. Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney World, SportsCenter, Disney Store, Buzz Lightyear, Disney Infinity, Jimmy Kimmel, Iron Man, Yoda (!!!!) — the breadth of influence and impact that our new partner provides to culture and business is beyond profound. Disney has an incredible legacy of creativity and innovation that dates directly to the entrepreneurial spirit of Walt Disney himself.

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About two months ago, Jack Dorsey joined the Board of Directors for Disney. Could it be apart of his strategic planning? It looks like Disney’s goal is investing now in order to bring in a talented team in the future.

On the Disney accelerator website, Disney noted this:

Walt Disney had a dream, and the entrepreneurial will to make that dream come true. Combining creativity and innovation, he built a company that is forever inventing new ways to tell great stories. From the Multiplane camera and the first feature-length animated film, toAudio-Animatronics® and computer-generated animation, Disney has always been at the forefront of technology.

Find out more or apply for the program directly at: http://www.disneyaccelerator.com


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