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Tint, a startup based in San Francisco, is the ultimate way to display all of your social media feeds all in one place. Your social media feeds could be displayed on your website, tablet, and mobile devices. Tint is fully customizable and allows you to set up the ultimate display you want in a magazine style format.

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Social Media Marketing

You can aggregate and curate from ANY Facebook profiles/pages/groups/hashtags, Twitter accounts/hashtags/favorites, Instagram accounts/hashtags/locations, Youtube channels/playlists, Pinterest accounts/boards, Google + accounts/hashtags, and any RSS into one beautiful hub. You can then easily embed it into any website, mobile app, Facebook Page, retail displays, and event walls.

Connect Any Feeds
Connect any combination of social media feeds, including hashtags, from any network and we’ll aggregate the content into one beautiful page.
Personalize Your Tint

You can style your Tint by changing the background color, font choice, colors, and themes to your branding preferences. We have a moderation system for you to edit posts too.
Display and Engage
Embed your Tint on your website, Facebook Page, mobile app, event display and see your audiences start engaging with it.

Tint is a must have for social media marketers or social media managers because instead of going through the hassle of creating a separate app or website display for each of your social media accounts, you can do it all with tint and easily embedded it to your facebook page or website.
Tint’s video on “The Anatomy Of Startups”:

TINT: Anatomy of a Startup from Adam Irving on Vimeo.



60% of website visitors pay more attention to a brand, spend more time on brand’s website, and stay engaged with brands that integrate social media onto their page.


Because you offer your customers great content through Tint, it creates a sense of trust with your audiences. Over 50% of website visitors prefer to do business with brands that integrate social media onto their sites.

Tint increases the potential reach and lifetime of social media posts. Rather than having all your content live on social networks, increase the reach by exposing it to your website visitors as well (who may not be following you on your social networks).
Depending on how prominently you place Tint on your site, our customers have seen an average 10-12% increase in traffic, 20% increase in time spent on site, and a 12-15% decrease in bounce rate percentage.

Tint is being used by giant companies such as NHL, NBA, WNBA, Microsoft and many more.

Check out Tint’s website here:



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  • chaotix

    While Facebook pages can have their timeline displayed in Tint, I am having trouble using groups.

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