Rolls Out New Domain Name Generator Tool.

1 Rolls Out New Domain Name Generator Tool.

DomainMongrel, which started out as a domain name appraisal tool, is now entering into the domain name suggestion market with its innovative domain intelligence algorithm.


The best instant online domain name appraisal tool in the market today, has recently launched a new feature, the domain name generator, which helps end users discover high-quality unregistered domain names. This unique service  intelligently find relevant set of possible prefixes and suffixes for each single keyword  that the user inputs and checks if the combination of keywords will register or not. The user can still check through hundreds of quality unregistered domain names and not miss out on a good domain name. The main highlight of this service is the quite simple and intuitive user interface that makes browsing through all the unregistered domain names a breeze.


Current problems that DomainMongrel is trying to solve are relevant one. It’s difficult to fine quality domain names. All the best domains that someone would normally think up of is most likely to be registered already. This is especially true for individuals who want to create a website for their startup or person use. Users will need to pay a premium price, beginning from a low thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars to receive the domain name of their dreams.

Not everyone can afford such a price that much. To solve this issue in an intelligent manner, domain mongrel uses proprietary domain intelligence algorithm to find words that fir with the domain keyword resulting in much poorer quality of possible unregistered domain names. Domain Mongrel is pretty quick in checking the availability of domain names so that end users will not have to necessarily wait for long.

The next iteration of this product shall involve enhancing the domain intelligence algorithm and also incorporating results from auction sites and expired domain lists, giving users a much better choice in finding appropriate domain name of their liking.

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