Dot Light, One of the Most Versatile LED Lamp Ever Made.


Dot Light, One of the Most Versatile LED Lamp Ever Made.

The Dot Light, one of the most creative and customization lighting device to ever be made. It can be used as a night light, a hallway light, a smartphone charger, dock station, a key holder, and a picture. It turns on and off with a simple touch.  Dot Light uses LEDs so the lighting function can run on 8 watts, less than half of an equivalent CFL. This has made it last for up to five times much longer.

Dot Light.

Dot Light is the creation of Max Mellano, an Italian entrepreneur who is, as the moment, splitting his time between Milano and Houston.

 “This is a unique and multifunctional device,” he said. “It can be used in so many different ways and can also be personalized with gel and various accessories. The Dot Light is really a lot of fun and very functional at the same time.”

A Product made by Imagination Farm, Dot Light provides 700 lumens of brightness and requires no warm-up time. Because the light utilizes LED technology, it contains no mercury or gases what so ever,and does not emit ultraviolet waves. Dot Light is lightweight, durable and can be placed just about anywhere. Its universal dock is compatible with iOS devices.

Mellano Further elaborated, “It is a piece of design that can be placed anywhere, ideal for the bedside table, on the floor, hanging on the wall of your office, in the closet or in the children’s room. It’s space saving too. All in all it’s fun, creative, customizable and minimal.”


Like any other new product, it requires a substantial startup capital and Mellano has chosen to utilize crowdfunding to generate the necessary amount of investment. With the design being finalized, Mellano needs a total of $14,ooo for material, manufacturing, shipping and marketing.

His Kickstarter campaign, which can be viewed at, has raised more than $5,000 so far but he still has a ways to go. Those would like to back this project can visit the Kickstarter page and donate any amount.

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