DrawQuest Officially Shuts Down After Suffering A Security Breach.


DrawQuest Officially Shuts Down After Suffering A Security Breach.

The iPad application that allows users to channel their creativity through drawing, DrawQuest, has continued to exist with by stand on its last bit of life line since earlier this year and as of recently it has closed down with immediate effect after suffering though a security breach.

Last Hurrah.

The founder behind this application, Chris Poole, who also started 4chan, first announced the closure of DrawQuest on January but was had later announced with some optimism that it would be able to continue running for user for “as long as possible”, despite its team all moving on to newer ventures. A hack on its Amazon-hosted server has proven to be the final blow to take down the app.

A recent blog post has explained that its currently unclear on what the exact information that was accessed by the hacker was. but since its database may have been compromised, the service will surely be closing down.

“With no full-time employees on staff to repair our infrastructure and ensure its integrity, we feel the only responsible path forward is to notify our users of the breach, and retire the service in order to prevent future breaches,” the post reads.

Be Advised.

Users have been advised to change their email passwords and passwords for any services that were connected to DrawQuest just to be safe. Poole and others are currently working on creating an archive that will allow users to export their drawings, but its unclear on when this will become available due to the lack of staff.

This is a pretty sad way of seeing DraqQuest withdraw from the field as the service had been successful in a number of ways. Poole had previously unveiled that it had gained a total of 1.4 million downloads, and had seen 25,000 daily active users and 400,000 monthly active users, and yet the team was unable to find ways to effectively monetize it.

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