DSTRUX, The Platform With The Power To Delete Upon Command.


DSTRUX, The Platform With The Power To Delete Upon Command.

The easiest and most advanced way to restore control on information sharing, DSTRUX, has recently announced the debut of its cloud-based technology fit for all desktop operating systems. The advent of DSTRUX solves the main dilemma that affects anyone who sends out a document, image or even video. The capability of controlling ownership and track on what is shared online after hitting the “send” button.

CEO and founder of DSTRUX, Nathan Hecht says:”DSTRUX was created for the millions of everyday people and companies who lose control of their images, sensitive documents, files and intellectual property.”


DSTRUX will provide its users with the opportunity to maintain control over every sensitive online documents by monitoring the status and location of all the sent files using the home interface. It has become one of the first platforms to not only set up a pre-determined time limit for its recipient that will self-destruct but will also disallow any altering, printing, copying, forward and screenshots of the document without the original senders permission.

Furthermore, the sender is able to control whom the recipient forwards the document to and can restrict access on it any given time. All documents can be shared through the use of any email platforming or even Facebook messenger and there will be no necessary sign ups to be done.

Hecht adds, “We have been programmed to accept a complete loss of control online and the consequences that follow. When files leave a computer for another, there is no telling where they will wind up or how they may be altered.  The idea that society has become complacent is mind-boggling and disturbing. Too often sensitive documents and pictures come back to haunt people and companies for simple errors. We want DSTRUX to be a platform that impacts society in both the virtual and real worlds, and I am truly proud of what we’ve accomplished.”

To sign up for DSTRUX, vising the main site, in order to receive the first 3 months of use for gree. DSTRUX will also become available for iOS during May and Android in summer of 2014.

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