Dynamic Benchmarking Creates New, Online Benchmarking Tool.


Dynamic Benchmarking Creates New, Online Benchmarking Tool.

Dynamic Benchmarking, a provider of customized online benchmarking and reporting solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of a new, online benchmarking tool for the School Nutrition Association (SNA). The dynamic, web-based survey and reporting tool allows school nutrition programs to compare their performance against national standards and aggregate data from individual programs around the country to measure and build the success of their programs.


The School Nutrition Association is a national, nonprofit professional organization representing more than 55,000 members who provide high-quality, low-cost meals to students across the country. Recognized as the authority on school nutrition, SNA has been advancing the availability, quality and acceptance of school nutrition programs as an integral part of education since 1946.

SNA launched the Keys to Excellence Standards of Practice for Nutrition Integrity in 1995 as a paper document to provide members with school nutrition program standards and best practices on which to measure and build the success of their programs. In 2005, the program evolved into an online, self-assessment tool, but still only provided comparison against national standards. The new survey evaluates program performance in four, key areas: Operations; Administration; Marketing and Communications; and Nutrition, Nutrition Education and Physical Activity. Members are able to measure and compare their performance against national standards, as well as ‘aggregate data from individual programs around the country.

“As school meal programs work to meet a variety of new regulatory requirements, the challenges of providing appealing, nutritious school meals while maintaining a sustainable program are greater than ever,” comments SNA Staff Vice President of Membership, Marketing & Education, Jen Lewi. “Our Keys to Excellence program provides our members with valuable data on what is and is not working for other programs similar to their own, giving them valuable insight into ways of improving their own programs.”

“School nutrition is not only an important social program, it’s a business that’s held to the same performance standards as any other professional operation,” adds Betsy DelFosse, Dynamic Benchmarking Chief Operations and Technical Development Officer. “Dynamic Benchmarking is proud to provide a means for assessing and improving the success of these vital programs on both an individual and national basis.”

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