How to Earn Some Free Credit For Google Play Store


How to Earn Some Free Credit For Google Play Store.

Everyone wants free Google credit right? Even though you can get most of the stuff on Google for free there are still apps that you need to pay for. Sure, a lot of them are cheap ranging from 99 cent to a couple dollars, but who doesn’t want free stuff? Maybe you want to support one of your favorite developing companies or maybe you want to give your child a free gift upgrade on a lite version of an app that they want. You can now get free credit from an app. It seems that Google will be willing to give people money without necessary needing to sell ones soul. Google just wishes to head what the people think by allowing them to fill out surveys with their Google Opinion Rewards app for Android.

First of all, begin by installing the Google Opinion Rewards app which is currently available for free on the Google Play Store. This is an app made by Google Inc themselves for free credit. The app will have to first be set up by filling out an initial survey which will then be used to decipher what kind of surveys the user will have to fill out down the road. Surveys will appear ever once per week, each one different in length and content. After they have been answered to completion, Google will then add credit towards the users balance, which can be redeemed on the Google Play Store, includes apps, books, games, movies, music, and much more. Each survey can make a user up to $1 USD. $1 in free credit might not be a lot, but for a few moments of your time you can earn enough free credit to purchase a few apps.


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Users will receive notifications informing them when a new survey has been made available for them to fill out. Comments on the nature of these survey vary from some being political, towards movie taste, and all other sorts of random questions. When checking the website for the service, it advertises it to various business before creating their surveys, which is then used to figure our the target audience.The results are accumulated in a matter of days.

NOTE: This app is only available in the USA for now, but perhaps it will arrive in other countries at a later point in time.

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