An Easy Way to Plan Out Wedding Thanks to Honeybook.


An Easy Way to Plan Out Wedding Thanks to Honeybook.

Getting married soon any need a way to plan out your wedding? Why not try out this new and up and coming startup by the name of HoneyBook. The site was created by two couple by the name of Naama Alon and Oz Alon. The idea came up to them during a very stressful year at Aviv’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.

HoneyBook is a social media like site, somewhat like Facebook, that allows professional event planners and various contractors to congregate and hire. The Engaged couple can easily navigate the site and look for  through all the applicants that they would most be comfortable with hiring, with no stress at all added. The site can also be accessed from any web-enabled device, such as smart phones and tablets.

The Inspiration came to the Naama one day, when she was hosting a radio show during the time. She made the theme out to be about weddings for that particular part of the show, due to her own recent wedding event. All sorts of people called the show and vehement on how hard and stressful it was to plan out the wedding especially with so many other obligations in the way. Naama couldn’t have agreed anymore with her own stressful experience.

Oz Alon himself partook in helping plan out the wedding, with his years of experience in planning events for his own production company, he adds that they were, “struck by the huge gap in the market between existing technology and the kind of product we would have benefited from.

He says, “All event planners, photographers, florists, DJs, caterers and everybody else connected to a wedding – including the bride and groom – have smartphones. So the coordination process shouldn’t be so complicated and clumsy.”

On the website, he elaborates: “We found ourselves collecting and signing countless contracts, managing emails and phone calls from upwards of 15 vendors, and worst of all, writing paper checks. … More than two decades after the birth of the modern Internet and at a time where all of our vendors already owned a smartphone, we were still dealing with hard copies, checks and the dreaded Excel spreadsheet.”

The creation of Honeybook was the married couple solution for the wedding business up to date, with the now and then parts of the wedding.


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