Ed-Tech Company Launches Its Digital, Internet Marketing Textbook.


Ed-Tech Company Launches Its Digital, Internet Marketing Textbook.

An ed-tech startup has officially launched Internet Marketing Essentials, Stukent, inc., a 100% digital textbook on the subject of internet marketing. The new textbook is the third addition to stukent’s courseware. The RealDeal Simulation and Expert Sessions were the first offering available in the company’s full line of internet marketing materiel for professors across the world.

Digital Marketing.

The digital marketing industry is a fast-pace industry that doesn’t wait for any one to play the catch up game with, even they’ve just published an entire textbook on internet marketing in standard print version. This creates a problem with students who are learning out-dated material. Co-author and PhD from Wharton, Jeff Larson explains,

“Any physical textbook on internet marketing is likely to be outdated before it even gets published. With Stukent’s digital textbook, a professor can be sure that all the material in the textbook represents up-to-the-minute, accurate information.”


The textbook will consist of 12 chapters covering topics such as how search engines work, search engine optimization, landing page optimization, online advertising, social media, email marketing, and more. The book is hosted on Stukent’s proprietary platform and includes features that the company says will help both the professor and the student including: lesson plans, quizzes, grading platform, embedded videos, auto-save note taking capabilities, suggested assignments, and sample syllabus.

To learn more information on the features contained in the book please follow this provided link.

Stukent has expectation of over 2500 students shall be using the Internet Marketing Essentials during this fall. When asked what makes the Stukent digital textbook platform unique, co-author and CEO of Stukent, Stuart Draper says,

“It can be challenging for a professor to teach from a textbook that changes each semester! Our digital platform will not only allow us to keep the textbook updated, but also the professor lesson plans. We flag the new content and changes we have made. This helps the professor stay up-to-date on the subject without having to re-read the entire book each semester when we make updates.”

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