Egg, The Best Device For Your Cat


The Egg For Your Cat

Buy a good friend for your cat this year. Pet stores offer you cheap and rather uninteresting balls, stringed balls, and noise makers that entertain for a few minutes, and then end up under your couch, never to be seen again. The Egg is not just another toy, but a companion for your cat. Egg reaction to your cat by making a small erratic movement and sound. The Egg can be charged through usb ports and can be configured through different modes on your computer.

the egg

What can Egg do and How does it work?

Egg is designed to be your cat’s favorite toy and so it can do a lot of things.
  • Move back and forth even over carpet
  • Shake and make cute sounds
  • Sense obstacles and reverse direction
  • and most importantly, Egg will sense kitty interactions ( taps, kitty-grabs, and pounces) and try to escape while making lots of noise

This egg has already raised over 100,000$ on kickstarter. The egg went through three phases of production. Here’s their demo video with the cat.



Phase 1 – Prototype

Phase 1 is complete, and the output of Phase 1 is what you see in our videos and photos above. Refinement of the firmware and extensive cat testing is ongoing.
Phase 2 – Early Adopter Production
Phase 2 involves the creation of the early adopter prototypes for Reward level 3 backers. In Phase 2, we will take the lessons learned from Phase 1 to make improvements to the electronics, motor design, and enclosure design. Early adopters will provide feedback and receive regular updates based on their suggestions.
Phase 3 – Final Production 
Phase 3 will incorporate the lessons learned from Phase 2 for the final production run, which Reward level 1 and 2 backers will receive.


 Check out the full egg concept and kickstarter campaign here:

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