Elastica Recent $6.3 Million Series A Funding Success.


Elastica Recent $6.3 Million Series A Funding Success.

A recent cloud security startup by the name of Elastica has recently come out of its stealth mode, after being launched sometime in 2012. The startup has recently revealed during their press release that it has manage to gain over $6.3 million in Series A funding form the Mayfield Fund.

The Mayfield Fund that Elastica manage to receive has marked as its first financial gain from an outside source. This recently acquired fund will be used by Elastica into producing even more of their products, and to increase the amount of employees into the company services. A the current moment the staff only consist over 65 people, most of them making up the engineering team.

Elasitca will be launching its CloudSOC solution as a cloud security vendors. The products made by Elastic will be aimed towards making any cloud application and services under it, secured for the use by both companies and employees. To succeed in this goal, Elastica delegates the enterprises IT to allow their employees benefit from the full use of cloud technology, and in doing so staying safeguarded from any malicious attacks.

CEO Rehan Jalil and Elasica’s President of the company, has talked about the software that is applied to the machines learning technology to bring in data visibility towards other cloud service users. The software can identify four important protective sequences: what is getting done, when there is potential threat, how to safeguard against a breach, and forensics on how the breach occurred.


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