Embarcadero Merges iOS And Android Development With A Single Tool


Embarcadero Merges iOS And Android Development With A Single Tool

Embarcadero Technologies has decided to announce today its a development platform that will help coders build native mobile and other application targeting multiple a devices with only one codebase.

The Appmethod platform has been promised to be 20 faster for multi-device application development for Android iOS, OS X, and Windows Oses running on smartphones, tablets, desktops.laptops and the upcoming Google Glass device, the company said.

“Utilizing Appmethod’s cross-platform component APIs, developers can rapidly write complex and high performance compiled mobile and desktop clients, with database access, cloud access, and enterprise interoperability across multiple platforms, all without sacrificing capability or performance,” said Michael Swindell, the company’s senior vice president of products.

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Thanks to the platoform’s IDE, developers will use one common API backing more than 100 native, cross-platform UI controls, like buttons and list views. The IDE can be connected to local or remote SQL-based databases and turn the data into accessible information. The enterprise data or custom-built API can be made visible through Embarcadero’s homegrown middlware or through SOAP or REST/JSOn. The company’s REST-based Enterprise Mobility Services middleware stack provides, memory data management, caching and data analysis.

Appemthod applications can only be built with the use of Object Pascal, though C++ support has been said to be making an appearance in a few months. Embarcadero claims its new cross-platform development solution is currently the only one on the market that does not require scripting solutions such as JavaScript or other similar programs to produce machine codes at run time or depends on virtual machines. In fact it complies applications that run directly on the CPU.


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