Emerging Insider Launches The First Content Relations Agency.


Emerging Insider Launches The First Content Relations Agency.

Emerging Insider is excited to launch their rebranded role as the world’s first Content Relations agency. The firm started as a niche-oriented and boutique public relations firm focused on emerging media and technology clientele, but found that traditional PR was lacking in an increasingly digital world that is reliant on data-driven content. This content is used to tell the most compelling of stories across mediums, technologies and platforms. As the firm fleshed out their service offerings into a more expansive territory, they began to believe that Public Relations was limited in its scope and offering.


The rebranded firm plans to continue engaging in evangelizing and positioning their clients effectively within the media. But, the firm aims to go beyond these roles in ways that are focused on creating, interweaving and strategizing content aimed at hyper-focused audiences, rather than just earning media. The emphasis will focus on utilizing modern technologies to create content while also developing a strategy to place it, all with data driving the entire process. Outside of earning media, the firm believes that it needs to be the tie that binds divisive media silos together and help robust organizations to organize their marketing efforts.

“We’ve seen PR firms that are incredibly confused as to what they are supposed to do and how to help their clients. Many aren’t sure what their role is in the social ecology, or how experiential/direct marketing can tie into transmedia or media relations. We’ve seen a lot of confusion across PR firms as to how to integrate with the often multitude of agencies their clients possess. We’re seeking to reduce the number of heads on the 8-headed Hydra that has become modern marketing. We’re content experts, whether that’s creating it, evangelizing it or analyzing it. We believe that our place is to strategize it in ways that are novel, effective and seamless across our clientele’s audience.”

Emerging Insider.

Emerging Insider remains committed to providing their clientele with an elite level of exposure for them and their brand through unparalleled content creation. Content fuels results for clients searching for an attentive and relevant audience in an increasingly complex and hyper-focused field. Emerging Insider maintains several practice areas within the emerging media and technology space, from entertainment, television and film technologies, to advertising innovations, eHealth and the video game industry.

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