Enso Ink Competes for $200K in Miller Lite’s Tap the Future Contest.


Enso Ink Competes for $200K in Miller Lite’s Tap the Future Contest.

“I thought it was a long shot” says Chris Moriarity, Vice President of Marketing for Enso Ink. “Then I got a call from Miller Lite and it hit me that we may actually have a shot!” Moriarity, a long-time Miller Lite fan, decided to enter his business plan for high end tattoo care products called Enso Ink he and 3 partners had started back in 2011. The first phase was to head to Los Angeles to pitch to Daymond John of Shark Tank and a live audience for a $20,000 semi-final prize. “We had some great competition in LA, John, (the inventor and manufacturer of the products) and I gave it our all. Needless to say we were floored when Daymond John announced Enso Ink had won.”

Enso Ink owners from left to right: Jason Hanlin, Dr. Carson Kutsch, John Bowers and Chris Moriarity

Next Phase.

The next phase for Enso Ink’s team was to head to Chicago where they pitched to a scrupulous board of venture capitalists at the Miller-Coors headquarters. “We are up against the other 4 regional semi-final winners, the judges have a tough decision ahead of them,” said Moriarity. “I think we would be a good fit for Tap the Future and Miller Lite.”

Enso Ink is for the 25% of the population under 50 who has at least one tattoo. The products are formulated to affect the way light reflects off the artwork on the skin. By using compounds that have a high refractive-index, tattoos appear brighter and richer. Enso Ink is looking to market their tattoo care in high end salons and department stores. “Tattoos aren’t what they used to be,” says Moriarity. “They are living, breathing pieces of art that many professionals are proud to display; we want to help them maintain their richness and enhance their vibrancy.”

Miller Lite’s Tap the Future is the business competition that pits like-minded groups of entrepreneurs against each other to claim their slice of a $300K prize pool. In addition, it offers business seminars, live pitch opportunities, and access to mentors and business moguls like Daymond John from ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Enso Ink.

The Enso Ink team is made up of 4 successful businessmen. Chris Moriarity is the VP of Client Relations for a multi-million dollar consulting firm. John Bowers is an MBA student and the Vice President of Manufacturing of a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company. Dr. Carson Kutsch is a business owner and practicing dentist. Jason Hanlin is a successful entrepreneur. He is the owner of Guruink.com and co-founder of the clothing line Anthem Made.

The winner of the $200,000 grand prize will be announced live in Chicago on September 18th. For more information on Enso Ink visit ensoink.com.

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