Evomail Openly Raising $500,000 On Angel.co


Evomail Openly Raising $500,000 On Angel.co

Evomail, an emailing app startup based in Wichita is currently raising $500,000 from the public on Angel.co.Evomail will use the new capital to continue building out the product and to hire sales staff. The company recently landed a $280,000-per-year enterprise license with a search engine company, and it’s working on selling additional licenses.


Evomail is a modern mobile emailing client. A lot of people argue that email just doesn’t work like it use to work anymore. Most people ignore emails or ends up frustrated by the amount of spam they receive. The startup believes that email should be viewed differently. EvoMail believes that email isn’t broken, it just hasn’t kept up with the pace of change on the internet. The startup is here to fix that. With an awesome UX interface, EvoMail makes sorting through your inbox fast and easy, you can even choose the gestures you use the most often to match your personal workflow. This a fully UX based tested and driven app. Using a single button you can review, filter, sort and reply to your messages faster than ever before. This makes navigating around your email effortless and simple. 

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You can also schedule your mails so that you do not have to deal with them until a certain time. Traditionally you could do this by adjusting your sync time on your normal emailing app, but this app integrates it in an easy to select setting page. This puts everything all under one page and makes your email fully customizable.

The app is currently out on both Android and the iOS with a very solid developing team.  To learn more about Evomail and their future releases check out their website here:



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